2 thoughts on “Photo: View at river side

  1. Great job 😉

    I don’t have much to comment on the technicality, just maybe the subject of the photo. Here it’s a bit unclear what the subject is: the sun, the reflection in the water, or the silhouette of the jetty(?) on the right.

    If you have a boat passing by right on top of the reflection, then that could be your clear subject in the photo.

    In my opinion, if the jetty is not the subject, then it’s a distraction. During composition, have the jetty out of the frame so that we can get a focus on the sun and the reflection 😉

    If the jetty is the subject, it should be more featured in the composition. It should take up more space in the frame, and the silhouette should be more pronounced and not blending into the background 😉

    All the best, Xinyun!

    1. @ Ihsan:

      Hmm agreed and noted.
      I guess due to the angle (based on where i’m standing), i can’t help including the jetty but i’ll try to give it a better angle and focus on the main subject 🙂

      Thanks for viewing and feedback 🙂

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