Thoughts: Would you rather…

… lose your significant other, to someone of the same sex as partner or someone of the opposite?

Strange topic / question, right? 🙂

My colleagues (mainly ladies) and i were discussing about this over lunch and it really got everyone of us thinking, commenting and wondering. Half of them would rather lose to someone of the opposite sex (meaning, losing to another girl) and the other half of us, would rather lose to someone of the same sex (meaning, same sex as our significant other / partner).

Interesting 50/50 result.
Especially when the results come from singles, attached and married ladies in our team… and not forgetting our only guy in the team.

I could understand why those who rather lose to the opposite sex feel. To them, at least their partner is still considerably normal, being shallow for liking someone with a nicer figure or looks and not doing something which they deemed as weird or disgusting (note: safer thinking).

As for me, I feel I’d rather lose to someone of the same sex as my partner.
Reason, at least I know there’s nothing I can do to change myself to his change of heart and somehow I think I can live with that, if ever that happens. But not to another girl, as I would question if everything done was insufficient.

Same goes for the other half of the team.

Like one of my colleagues said, if that really happens, I would try to be friends with that person and love to accept him as he love my partner. Idealistic, but it could work.

Issue: would that person think, feel and act the same way?

Something to think about, on a slow midweek workday 😛