Plain or Choco induced happiness?

Doesn’t matter which, it’s still happiness… 🙂


A lovely afternoon out with DD, at City Hall area.

A late healthy lunch at Meschuns, having their smoked salmon sandwich and wild mushroom soup with a pineapple juice. As for DD, he had a chicken Caesar wrap, pumpkin soup and carrot juice… Rather filling meal and total for both was around S$24.

After which, a trip over to Cathay Photos to check out the sling bag i’m tempted to get. It’s light weight and convenient for daily use, which i feel, would motivate me to bring out my baby (50D) more often than my trusty Kata backpack (more suited for oversea trips).

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Now to decide which color it’ll be and when.

Strolled, laughed and made our way to Chocolate Research Facility, at Millenia Walk… It never fails to excite the mind and taste buds, seeing all sorts of chocolates, from plain dark chocolate to tiramisu chocolate, and in uniquely designed boxes 🙂

Oh, not forgetting some of their merchandises, like the chocolate lamp cover.

And while i was lost in WWW checking twitter, DD surprised me by paying for it and presenting me with this:

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Their Tiramisu chocolate in leopard prints box!

Literally gave him the O_O look while he grinned and handed it to me…

I was really happy to just be out spending time with him and he made it a whole load more special… meows at dear 🙂

And in case you are wondering, the chocolate tasted great!

Smooth and rich with Irish cream filling, yummy 🙂

Although it was just 4 short hours of time spent but really enjoyed it and i hope he did too 🙂

Thanks dear, for the lovely chocolates, time spent and effort to make me smile.


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