Routers Woes

To think a somewhat reputable router going at a discounted price would do great, what a mistake that had been.

Well, the router i got from IT show, Aztech Wireless-N router had been problematic or the cause of my wireless-less problem (eg. unable to get ip or connect but connection is okay when cable is directly connected from modem to desktop) for the past few days, aside from the faulty / inconsistent Motorola modem (inconsistent linkage from modem to desktop).

The Starhub tech guy came, switched a new Motorola SB6120 modem and now it’s working fine / smooth. As for the Aztech modem, he tried getting it connected, went through the admin page but still can’t get it working aka no ip and linkage (but my laptops are able to detect it). In short, very problematic.

Thankfully one problem down, many thanks to the tech guy.

At least one thing is for sure, I would stick to Linksys or better brands from now on, esp. seeing my last Linksys modem cum router not giving me any major issues and had been ‘alive’ for 3 years until this week.

Sigh, oh well.

Gonna go pick up a new one later.
Hopefully less or no problems.

Dad picked Dlink 655 router (wasn’t what i had in mind, wanted the WRT320N instead) and works immediately after 5mins of setting up, one of the easiest to setup (aside from my old linksys) , making it more obvious, there’s something wrong with that Aztech router.

Let’s see if it’ll work for my bro’s setup… hmm…