Movie: How To Train Your Dragon

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A simple storyline over mystical creatures, which are often misunderstood and how one learnt and train them.
Simple but makes you wanna find out how it ends.

Amused by how Toothless and the rest of the dragons, acting like a dog / cat and how Hiccup used what he learnt from Toothless to make it work for him, during training.

That’s about all i’m gonna talk about, for the show.

Aside from that…

Honestly, I was a little disappointed with its 3D effects. Let’s just say, there wasn’t sufficient 3D that made me wanna reach out and touch it, basically wasn’t ‘WOW-ed’ and there was a section during the show, flicked for a good 10 secs (probably technical faults by theater) And if i must compare, it’s just wasn’t as engaging as the Science Center’s 3D documentaries or animations.

Or perhaps i’m just too old for this, hmm…

Plus having 3D glasses on top of normal spectacles was just too troublesome, for 4-eyed spec wearing audience, like me 😛

But aside from my own personal thoughts, I would say it’s a decent movie to watch and definitely better, if it was just 2D.

Rate: 4/5
Comment: Decent, watchable and bring the kids along kinda show.