22 March – World Water Day

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Did you know…
It’s one of the international days declared by the UN and it started since 1992?

And the theme for this decade, is Water for Life.

It’s a very important part of our daily life, eg. drinking, bathing, cooking, washing the cars / pets, help run our air-condition systems, making of soft drinks and coffee and so much more. Without it, we would probably turn into icky, smelly humans or mummified and be deprived of our daily necessity 😛

Be thankful for it, especially when we are fortunate to have clean drinking water and sufficient water for daily use. And thanks to the treatment plants and water contracts from our govt.

Aside from the above…
It’ll do help if we change our usage habits a little, like not leave the water running while washing the dishes, re-use water from washing veges to water plants, re-use part of laundry water for cleaning and all. It might not be much, but it’ll help if everyone does a little and not forgetting it’ll help lower your bills 😛

2 thoughts on “22 March – World Water Day

  1. Your full of shit kor (me) has always said the earth shaking technologies of the 21st Century is not some gadget, but rather those related to water and energy production.

    Meantime, wars, unrest or the instability of a region in the 21st Century will be related to water (and in extension food production) – e.g. Darfur in Sudan – and energy resources – e.g. Iraq. Already the Mekong River sorta dried up earlier this year and the countries downstream are complaining to China and asking it to increase the flow from its dams upstream. Protest by India has been made to China regarding the plans to build dams upstream in Tibet in one of their rivers. When we look at the water management problems in these countries, we ought to remember to do our part whenever we can and be grateful we have sufficient water provided. 🙂

    1. @ XZ:

      haha but you are right, we need to be thankful and do our part for what we have.
      it sustain life, something we depend too much on and could jolly well be used as a topic for war, if some idiots choose to.

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