Random: Company’s Talent Time

To help raise funds for charity, our company organized a talent time show, for internal staff to show case their talents and help do their bit.

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It was an eye-opening event, esp. seeing people we worked with but never knew they had hidden talents (eg. singing, acting and dancing) and seeing them do their bit to perform / entertain for all!

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And from the applause & cheers from fellow colleagues / competitors from other departments, showed how much they enjoyed the performances 🙂

Just some photos i took, from far.
Very blurry, i know… I still suck at taking moving objects / people and events 🙁

At least like the big bosses joked, if they ever need to save costs, they know where to look 🙂

Hopefully we’ll have more of such interesting events soon, for me to practise taking portrait shots… *grin*