Song: 黃小琥 – 沒那麼簡單

Genn’s friend was singing this, when we met up yesterday for dinner, ktv and chats with Jo and Pris.
First time hearing this song, fell in love with it and find it quite apt. And relating to it.

“… 相愛沒有那麼容易 每個人有他的脾氣
過了愛作夢的年紀 轟轟烈烈不如平靜
幸福沒有那麼容易 才會特別讓人著迷
曾經最掏心 所以最開心 曾經…”

2 thoughts on “Song: 黃小琥 – 沒那麼簡單

  1. this song is so popular now that I’ve ever heard it thrice a day. morning, afternoon, night.

    1. @ absolutjoiz:

      wah, i see…
      guess i’m really so out of the chinese pop song chart, so unsure what’s popular now 😛

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