Nasty Cough. Recovering.

Not sure how and when i caught it but i was hit by the nasty cough…
Which my family doctor felt that it could be bronchitis, esp. when i had it a couple of years back which almost led to pneumonia.

Thankfully it didn’t… *eeks at the thought of staying in hospital*

Anyway, doc thought it could be it.
Loaded me with sufficient antibiotics and other meds to suppress it before it turns even more nasty. At least i’m able to breathe properly without feeling out of breathe with each cough.

But it also meant the need to stay home to rest it away, when i’m quite overloaded with work and starting to get even slower in producing results.

I wonder if it’s just that i’m too burnt out and needed a break…
Hope to leave town for a few days soon.

Oh and not forgetting…
Many thanks to DD, for coming down to check on me and bring me cake… *yummy*

6 thoughts on “Nasty Cough. Recovering.

  1. Wa.. take care and get well soon.

    Hmm.. speaking of “dear dear”s, i encountered someone saying “d2” before. Which stands for “dear two”. -_-“

    1. @ lbandit:

      thanks, do take care too.
      haha, d2 just seem so weird. i think i would relate it more to diablo 2 instead… 😛

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