Movie: Iron Man 2

Thanks to DD’s jie, we caught the preview of Iron Man 2…

at The Cathay, Citibank’s event.

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As always, Tony Stark is as narcissistic, women crazy but with a tinsy bit of lovable side, this time.

Well, I’m not going to spoil it for you guys by breaking down the storyline, which i’m pretty sure Iron Man fans are very familiar with how the plot will continue. So i’ll talk on the other stuff.


Weapons and tech – Still as mind blowing and making me wonder if it’s really possible to even come out with such technology. Not forgetting the risk and potential threat if it’s really available.

Action – Fair bit of martial art and show of female power! Hot babes… *drool*

Effects – Excitingly decent, only part which didn’t seem to fit that well, would be multiple race car crashes and actor bit.

Viewing experience – Awesome. Getting to watch what I’ve been looking forward to, spending time with DD, seeing the mascots (no photos thou) and having free popcorn. Heh.

Oh, do wait till the end of the credits for some snipbits.
Guessing there might be a continual to this, probably Iron Man 3 (if possible!) and i love the Silver Iron Man 2 suit :D~

5 thoughts on “Movie: Iron Man 2

  1. When the first Iron man came out I was not that excited but then I saw the movie and it was a great thrill ride and I loved it,and I enjoyed the end credit scene leading up to the avengers. Now comes Iron man 2 two years later my expectations for this film was high and it lived up to them from the opening sequence to the end,one scene that I thought was great and emotional at the same was the party scene when Tony get’s drunk and starts to terrorize his guest’s I hated seeing Tony like although I must admit when Rhodes come’s to fight him that’s where things go from serious to funny,with a nice little mix from Dj Am,whose appearance was welcomed.Iron man 2 is not your typical superhero film instead it does something different.When we finally see Warmachine in all his glory he’s bad ass,Ivan Vanko is an awesome villain his presence was great,the acting in the movie was top notch,and Robert does another great job.Jon Faveru does a great job at directing and I hope he returns for another one,and stay after the credits,I’m giving this movie a 10/10 it’s a perfect way to kick off the summer.

  2. Iron Man 2 trailers were impressive but had fears.Most of the sequels lets us down……..But IM2 didn’t.Introduction of Don Cheadle as Rhodes,Mickey Rourke as Ivan Vanko,Scarlett Johanson as Natasha Romanoff & Samuel L jackson as Nick Fury were the best………As in Iron Man Robert Downey Jr gave a stunning performance…………The special effects,the story,the synchronisation,the direction……..were at the best…….We always expect a lot from a sequel…………But most of the sequels for an action packed sci-fi gives importance to action and special effects not to the story………………This movie is 1 hell of a ride………

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