Randoms on Labor Day

Happy Labor Day Holiday!

Not really much of a holiday / public holiday when it’s on a Saturday but hopefully most of you are having a good day so far and off in-lieu.

I’m not doing much today, just trying to rest more after being out till late last night, for Fantasy Comes Alive! concert at NUS UCC hall.

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It was a decent concert, small group of performance but quite talented group (esp. the violinists, cello and conductor). The conductor seemed like he was enjoying quite a bit, cos he seemed like he was dancing away while conducting. Sound system wise, definitely require improvement and the dodos who somewhat missed cue / made mistakes during the songs / presentation, pls take note and don’t make it a habit.

In all, it was decent for the ticket price.
But it was definitely nice to check out DD and Rin’s school, old hang out places and the food at Arts canteen. 50cents coffee, pretty decent.

Well, back to slacking.
Enjoy your weekend, folks 🙂