Photos: Double Helix Bridge and Marina Sands

Like RWS, Marina Sands opened its doors last week and gathered loads of crowd on its first week.

Since i’m not the kind who’d pay S$100 to go into a casino and gamble, you can say i’m the curious and utterly bored local, carrying a Canon dslr and getting stared at.

It’s pretty much completed, at least for the hotel and convention side.
But not so for the mall and museum…

And here are the amateurish day shots:

Pretty Β nice place to chill and hang out, spotted a few restaurants i would like to dine at and it’s definitely more accessible, compared to RWS.

Event companies, pls hold your concerts there if possible! πŸ˜›
That would give a whole load more reasons for me to go there more often, heh.

Looking forward to heading back there once it’s completed, to check out its Sky Park and shops… and get some sunset shots πŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “Photos: Double Helix Bridge and Marina Sands

    1. @ Kenny:

      hmm, based on what i understand, it’s the first double helix bridge in the world… or so they say πŸ˜›

      a normal spring is single helix.
      as for this bridge, it’s made up of two that runs parallel and it’s a combination of design and functionality?

      can be considered a man-made attraction for tourists and still serves its purpose, as a bridge / link from point A to B πŸ˜›

  1. The problem with the Helix Bridge is that it is too close to 2 other bridges. I don’t know if it would end up to be a big tourist attraction. The Casino might.

    Oh well, we can treat it as our national steel reserve. During war time, can tear down the bridge to build weapons. Wahahahaha. πŸ˜›
    .-= DK´s last blog ..The force is strong with TomTom =-.

    1. @ DK:

      yup, you are right.
      perhaps not as big as some would hope but it’ll definitely be popular with photographers and videographers, esp. during NDP for its fireworks πŸ™‚
      at least a handful of enthu fireworks photographers would be there.

      haha, well that works too.
      standby reserve and in the city, ideal!

    1. @ cc:

      hah i guess so.
      well it would have been nicer if it wasn’t too scorching hot and glaring πŸ™‚

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