Latest Game Addiction…

Latest game addiction, or probably an addiction that had been hidden and never went away. Thanks to this game, Hotel City, my love for building games is revived~

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Well it’s just the latest fb game addiction we have, in the department. It’s something that keep us happy and sane in a certain way, after listening to loads of necessary and/or unnecessary stuff at work.

And it kinda remind me of Sim Tower, a nearly 16 year old Maxis game.
A game my Dad and i both loved and wouldn’t mind getting our hands on, a brand new copy.

But sadly, it doesn’t seem to work properly on XP, or so my Dad says.
Perhaps game creators could revised or release an upgraded version of it.

*hint hint*

4 thoughts on “Latest Game Addiction…

    1. @ Vince:

      haha i see…
      well i get more fun out of building games 😛
      thanks for stopping by.

    1. @ rinaz:

      heh okie.
      yeah it is, going back to click it everyday…
      well i played because my colleagues asked me to join in, making it a group game 😛

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