Summarized: 04 to 07 June

04 June:

Caught Flipside’s Gadgets at the Esplanade Recital Theater with DD.

To summarized in 3 words – Entertaining, Strange and Naughty 😛
Definitely not that suitable for kids, heh.

05 & 06 June:

BBQ & Chalet with adorable colleagues and a bday surprise for our da jie 🙂
I’ll let the collage do the talking…

07 June:

Luck was on my side, balloted and won tickets to catch A-Team, movie based on the 80s animated series.

A-Team Movie Premiere Ticket

Since it’s only showing at the cinema this coming Thursday (10th June 2010), there wouldn’t be any spoilers here.
Story / plot is pretty much on how the team was formed, got themselves involved in a mission which framed them and they had to clear their names.

Oh and i might have one of the movie goodies to give out, A-Team dog tag / bottle opener.
A-Team Dog Tag / Bottle Opener
Will write a new post for it 😛