Thoughts: Attention span, the lack of it.

Upon seeing this, my head started nodding while reading what’s written.

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But at the same time, i’m very much guilty like Beans, texting away…
And it’s taking loads, for me to concentrate, write this and not wander off, getting distracted.

Be it replying to smses or twitter or facebook, it seems like a dead-on addiction which i’ve problems getting rid of. Which my dearest pointed out a couple months back. Which does cause me to be very distracted and lack attention span.

Not much of self-control needed, when out with my dearest.
But on regular days, alone or with friends, been getting a little out of control… eeps.
Guess it’s pretty much the same for my friends.

Time to find ways to curb this addiction…

Need to turn attention to books.

“For those who live minute to minute on technology, it’s daily necessity. Like water is to fishes. When you take them out of it, they get so lost, it feels like part of them, died.” – xy


Oh, just realized this is the longest (not filler or advert or event) post i’ve written in a while…
Probably 3 months or more… =x

4 thoughts on “Thoughts: Attention span, the lack of it.

  1. I think technology does play a part in shortening our attention span. And maybe a bit of our own Asian culture too. We like it short and sweet. That’s why its such a culture shock here with these long winded Italians :p

    But its a good thing actually since they take time to explain things that we are not clear with πŸ™‚

    1. @ rinaz:

      Yup, you are right. We are too used to having answers fast and can’t wait for people to give us a granny story or history πŸ™‚
      It’s always good to receive information clear and precise, at least it’ll lessen misunderstandings and make communication problems, less of an issue for younger and older generation.

      Which also make me feel… it’s probably a good time to slow down and enjoy the moment, people and long conversations.

      @ chillycraps:

      wah… no no no~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ πŸ˜›

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