Random: Packed

Saturday, spent shooting at KTM with Shifu & Amanda, National Museum and Bt Timah Railway, with DD…

More photos soon… 😛

Oh, It just hit me…
I’ll be out almost every night during the coming week…

Let’s see, it’ll be as followed:
– Mon: Gym (most likely) or getting stuff for my camera
– Tues: Movie with DD
– Wed: Dept dinner
– Thu: Movie with DD or Dad
– Fri: On the streets of Bangkok (heh!)

Gym had been pretty interesting and fun 🙂
Seeing cute guys, celebs and people we walked past everyday…
And I don’t feel that breathless after walking 1/3 of a mile, plus it’ll help me lose weight for Jo’s wedding.

Oh yes, I’ll be away in Bangkok for the coming weekend.
A short break with parents and mom’s friends, hope it’ll be a relaxing one. I need to unwind before system’s UAT starts in Aug and to really plan the rest of 2010. But sadly, I wouldn’t be able to attend a co-worker’s church wedding, hopefully she wouldn’t get upset… *crossing fingers*

Time to end this super random post…
Nighty night all.

2 thoughts on “Random: Packed

    1. @ JH:

      haha, will do soon~~~~
      abit lazy thou, tee hee hee!

      yeah i did, can’t wait to shoot more 😀

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