Chris Ling Photography Workshop

A chance to learn and ask…

Thanks to Kris of 24seven Communications, I was able to attend Chris Ling’s Photography Workshop, with Geng Hui (Shifu) and Amanda, last Friday… To learn, hear and experience what goes on in a professional photographer’s wedding studio.

Chris Ling

He shared with us how it all started, his love for photography, his first job and its experiences, his chance to switch over to wedding photography and the clients he met (and the no. of brides that cried because of him, total – 4) =)

And through the FAQ session (which the rest asked and I quietly listened), I learnt that there’s no right and wrong to how a shot should be, it’s good to stop and compose the shot first, not do multiple shots (when it’s not for a sport event or runway) and wedding photography is a tough line to be in… 😛

After which, a guided tour around the studio…

Shots as followed:

Amanda shooting antique phone.

Flowery setup

Hidden pair of heels

Victor & Shifu


Antique Yashica & Minolta

Managed to keep the ‘compose your shot’ in mind while doing KTM and Bt Timah Railway, hopefully it’ll stick for good =P

4 thoughts on “Chris Ling Photography Workshop

    1. @ Fish:

      Hi, it was held at his studio / office, was an event organized by 24seven and sponsored by Chris Ling.
      Didn’t need to pay 🙂

  1. One of methods to improve in photography is learning from professional and experienced photographers.

    I believed that you would take back a lot from this session and apply in your future photography (I would be looking out for it !)


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