Movie: Repo Men (2010)

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Set to show from 1st July 2010, rated M18.

It’s short for Repossession Men.

To repossess or reclaim things they had offered, if by chance you can’t pay.
Similar to what the banks would do, if you fall behind your payments and are unable to clear your loans.

A little of Vanilla, Matrix, Minority Report & Universal Soldiers.
For plot spoilers, it’s up on Wikipedia.

Personally rating it a 7/10 and it should be closer to R21.
Thoughts inducing, shockingly gruesome and bloody, in short.

Although still jittery from all that gruesomeness, truly enjoyed Jude Law & Forest’s acting.

See below for thoughts and spoilers.

Remy (Jude Law), works as a Repo tech with his best buddy, Jake.
Collecting or should i say, reclaim all body parts aka organs, their company (The Union) had ‘kindly’ sold to those who need one immediately without needing to be put on the organ transplant list, for a hefty but payable price with a monthly payment method.

For Remy, from a ‘it’s just business or work’ attitude, expertly surgically opening each of their clients (or bad debt clients) up, as a way of earning his commission… to losing that attitude, all in one accident. Which was rigged by Jake, all to keep him working on as a Repo and not a desk-bound sale staff.

Met the girl of his dreams and being with her, Remy felt the happiness, even though he was on the run.
Sending his co-workers and friends after him, causing everyone like him to die or get ‘repo’, set him to destroy the system.

Sale pitch was cheesy…

You owe it to your family. You owe it to yourself.

Something to think about…

At the end, a job is not just a job, is who you are, and if wanna change who you are, you have to change what you do…

I’m not sure if Jake felt guilty at all, for causing the accident.
But he did paid for Remy’s dream induced state, reminded me a little of Vanilla (the movie), to keep him happy and here. In a coma state. Is that the best thing to do, I don’t know.

I love how it make me wonder, what will i do if it happens to me or my love ones…
Would i take up the offer at such a high cost and with a count down timer for my life, be stuck in a system for whatever remaining of life i have or risk having someone surgically opening me up, without full GE and dying.

I’ll let you guys know in another post.
Right now, I need to sleep on it 🙂

And thanks dd, for the preview tix.