Movie: Knight and Day (2010)

Secret agent, a girl and a mission.

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Not very complicated and probably just the usual plot.

Agent on mission, meet cute girl, saves her, recover stuff and falls in love… yada yada yada…

But strangely, it wasn’t… probably not way off but you’ll have to stick around to the end for who actually saves who. The lack of skin showing scenes and sexual contents in the film, makes it watchable for those with kids.

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Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz, made a good looking couple and acting wise, decent. CGI, not much to pick on, too fast paced to pick on the details. But storyline / how the story progress… was pretty much predictable.

Well at least it’ll keep you wondering what they’ll say or suddenly do. Hmm, maybe some parts were snipped off during editing… Guess we’ll only know when the DVDs are out.

Plot wise, you can refer to Wikipedia.
Watchable, definitely easy on the eye (good looking actors) and less mind-fucking than Repo Men.

The cars were amazing too, sweet sweet GTO… *drool*

Giving it a 6.5/10.


As for the movie theater i was at, thanks to Dad’s membership tickets, simply excellent.

GV Gold Vivo, comfy reclining seats, blanket and good service…
And they fed us like pigs, eg. popcorns, martini m&ms, finger food and drinks.

The movie experience made the movie much more watchable. That’s one place i wouldn’t mind turning tubby and into a reclining chair potato. Would love to watch a movie marathon there soon 🙂

Thanks Starhub 🙂