Another packed week…

Arrived back in SG late last night…
As unwillingly, i dragged my tired self to work and enjoyed the day with laughters πŸ™‚

Probably it’s everyone’s willingness to be cheery made it possible.
Although on a sad note, my ‘buddy’ would be leaving for another department. But it’s good to move on for better prospect and we’ll still see her on a regular basis and hopefully gatherings & lunches.

And before that, a steamboat dinner cum drink night as her farewell.
Happening tomorrow…

And it hit me, i’ll be out for all the weeknights (excluding arriving back on Monday)…
Another packed week, of gathering and socializing.
Which aren’t bad, especially after knowing the next few months would be ‘hell’ mode at work.

This week is gonna be as followed:
Tues – dinner gathering cum amanda’s bday celebration, with twitter friends (done!)
Wed – farewell gathering for buddy
Thur – dinner gathering with friends
Fri – another dinner gathering cum belated bday celebration πŸ˜€

Fat mode?