New Toy: Superheadz Clover San

Been tempted to get one for more than a year, after seeing so many amazing holga, lomo, action sampler aka film based photos, . But the thought of shooting in film, scares me a little… especially when i’ve shaky hands and getting it developed, will cost a bomb.

Looked at alternatives, eg. getting an iphone and using its apps, downloaded mobile apps for lomography but doesn’t seem to work on Sony Ericsson phones and considered getting Fuji Instax (which i would still hope to get one someday).

And one fine day (actually, it’s just Saturday), we happened to drop by Kinokuniya and wandered over to the magazine department, where we both spotted what we were tempted to get… After much consideration and mobile price checking, we bought our toys πŸ˜›

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Superheadz Clover San, 35mm film

And as for DD, his is the…

Gakken 35mm, Blackbird Fly alike!

Total damage for both magazines /toys, around S$105.
Pretty decent priced, if compared to retail price and for DD’s, it was bundled with the magazine he likes. So, all the better and not forgetting the nagging he got (from parents)… =x

Well, I’d take it as the birthday presents we bought for ourselves and can’t wait to take both our toys out, for a shoot πŸ˜€
But first, need to stock up on a couple of 35mm films… *grin*

7 thoughts on “New Toy: Superheadz Clover San

    1. @ suhaisweet & meoramri:

      thanks and visited both of you back πŸ™‚

      @ dori:

      heh, yeah it sure does look like antiques…
      but sadly, not video or digital but pure film, like old point & shoot cameras πŸ™‚

  1. Both cameras looks really nice. Seem some of my friends shooting with the Blackbird.

    I am itching to get a Golden Half or Holga, but haven’t really look into it yet. Have fun with film! Hope to see your album soon πŸ™‚

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