A year, together…

Yesterday (12.07.10) marks a year together…
Learning to love again, sharing and being part of each others’ life.

Yup, one full year went by…
Since we (DD & I) got together.

Apart from our usual meet ups / outings and time spent, we had had uncertainties, bickering and problems during the first few months of this relationship but glad that it was sorted out, through discussion and our willingness to take a step back each, to work on it.

Thus, so far so good  🙂

At times i wonder if i’m hard on him, especially it’s his first r/s, handling my emotions and expectations in this relationship…  Some had asked and worried, knowing how emotional i am and logical he is (two different personalities) but seeing how far we had come, to be here together, i can say he’s doing great (i’m less emotional these days) and we are both still trying, adapting and accepting what’s lay before us.

Though it’s not those lovey dovey relationship most are having but it’s one that i feel comfortable in, sharing thoughts and all. I pray that it’ll get better and better as time passes.

Thank you, DD.
For the wonderful, fun and challenging year and hopefully more to come 🙂

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8 thoughts on “A year, together…

  1. Cho cweet!

    Hey, you know Cart and I are similar too in the sense that he is logical, I am emotional.

    Will work out one lah, if both wants to 🙂

    1. @ Kenny:

      heh thanks 🙂

      @ rinaz:

      really? heh well seein Cart & you so happily together, hope ours will be like yours 🙂

      @ nicole:


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