Event: Singapore Garden Festival 2010

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Yup, another festival / event for photography enthus 🙂
Esp. those with a love for macro & landscapes!

Details as followed:

Date – 15th to 22nd July (thurs to thurs)
Venue – Suntec Convention Centre
Time – 10 am to 10 pm
Admission – S$8 to S$12 (Adults) and S$5 to S$8 (Child / Students / Senior Citizen)

Ticket booking and details –> HERE


Quite interested to check out the ‘Cooking with Plants’ program on Sat and think mom would be interested in the orchids…

Aiya, too many events happening this weekend, still unsure which ones to check out… 🙁

5 thoughts on “Event: Singapore Garden Festival 2010

    1. @ Dori:

      Hmm good question…
      Maybe it’s easier to do landscapes designing and control the temperature?

      But can, was there yesterday and they managed to ‘forest’ level 4 & 6 of suntec.

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