New Toy: Yashica EZ F521

I think i caught the BBB (buybuybuy) virus, from my photography group of friends…
2 toys in one month. eeps.

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I was looking and drooling over it, a couple of months back, while trying to search for a lomo application for my SE Satio. I got it for 99sgd at Mustafa, thanks to CS forum ppl for sharing, a big 55% difference from April2010 price check (200+sgd).

Specifications and video: Β Write up by and CNET

Thankfully, the damage or cost for this toy, isn’t as bad as those L lens my friends bought (for their work). But i can mentally ‘hear’ or imagine someone (coughDDcough) nagging… πŸ˜›

A digital holga, some calls it.
To me, it’s a good alternative to film-based holga, especially when i could see immediately how it’ll turn out than wait till it’s being processed. Lack patience…

Just some test shots:


On the bright side,Β I’m ‘surrendering’ my f50d to mom and using this, so saving 500sgd πŸ™‚
Hopefully no more till next year… πŸ˜›


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