These days…

These days…
Touching and writing on personal thoughts and emotions, seems to be a difficult task.
(Including what I’m writing now, it’s half personal yet vague).

In short, I write best when I’m depressed or emotional.

Lately, I can’t seem to let my thoughts and emotions flow, I don’t mean to be ‘clinically depressed’ to write. Which honestly, I’ve never seem to need pills to bring me back to spirit, even though I always think that I need it. It just always seems like a convenient form for escape.

But these days, I hardly feel the need to escape in those form or should I say, hardly have the time to let my mind wander freely to the point of emotional black-hole and write to a form of clinically depressing yet seemingly sound post. Pointing my happy mood at –> work, having friends to hang out with, focusing attention on photography & trying to improve and being in a rather satisfying relationship.

Well, I can’t write as emotional and ‘from the heart’ as I used to.

I guess you guys would have to deal with it somehow, since this blog / domain is not for commercial blogging but works as a personal diary / site. But I’ll write something from time to time, if time allows and there’s no interruption.


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