Gadget: Latest Temptation

Looking for a spare, after mom’s friend conveniently ‘killed’ / security locked my spare nokia 6300.

All because he/she stubbornly and stupidly didn’t wanna install nokia driver into pc and wanted to use a spare nokia phone to transfer phone numbers.

In short, it’s not worth to pay for unlocking, plus it had froze during conversations and gibberish appeared while surfing. And i need something which is not too expensive for trips, to reply work emails… (too many things to justify the temptation).

So… here’s the latest temptation spare i’m looking to get:

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Nokia E5 in Skyblue.
QWERTY phone and Blackberry lookalike.

Released yesterday and going for less than S$400 (w/o contract), decently priced and i wouldn’t need to pay so much, if i trade off my Samsung Pixon and N6300 at the same time.

I’m waiting for replies from retailers and Nokia, if they are going to release the Skyblue version.
Hope they’ll get back to me asap.

4 thoughts on “Gadget: Latest Temptation

    1. @ rinaz:

      nope, the cheapo toot don’t even think that it’s his/her fault.
      well i told my mom off, next time don’t lend my stuff to such tech idiots.

    1. @ xizor:

      hmm i might, but not so soon.
      hahahaa! getting E5 for work and standby use first 🙂

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