Self: Another Day, Another Year


Another day, another year.

Not exactly something i am or have been looking forward to but definitely not something i can avoid.

Okay, it might seem a little  ‘DOH’  but…

Happy Birthday aka +1 to self 🙂

One of the flora shots i took in BKK

What more can i say, other than it’s the first time i truly wish myself happy birthday before others send  their best wishes.

Hope this doesn’t come off as major narcissism but really, for someone who doesn’t photo-whore or talk much of late about themselves, i doubt i’m true blue narcissistic.

Although if i really am trying, it might really perk site a little and probably attract a little more spammers. Nah, just kidding.


Truthfully, i’m doing this to shake off dreads from being older and not really wiser but definitely more jaded (due to work and some) but it’s always good to input a little good cheer and silliness to oneself.

After all, i owe it to God, family, friends, co-workers and strangers to be here, alive and kicking and still living each moment.

Thank you guys for all you have done, not done and just being here.
And to DD, SHMILY.

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