Random: Lazy Weekend

Just a random post to end the weekend…
And to start a new week… *dread*

Received the sweetest gift of all time from DD, for my birthday. Personal, sweet and creative… heh. Not sure if he’s comfortable with me showing photos of it but i will ask him for permission and let you guys know later 😛


After spotting the poster a couple of weeks back, we tried out Let’s Sweet Japanese Sweets Buffet at Bugis Junction on Saturday. Simply put, a nice and yummy experience and will talk more about it on a food post.

Next, a bus cruise before getting to Marina Bay Sands…
Where we spotted something interesting, tapped to one of the structure (which will be another post and i’ll attach a photo to show it).

Nothing much happened along the Marina Bay YOG  area, didn’t see much crowd at 3pm… probably too hot and nothing exciting to hang around there. Oh, the refreshments selling there were quite pricey (IMHO), more expensive than a full meal from MacDonalds. I like the performance by NUS Jazz, if it wasn’t that humid and with good shelter, would have stayed to watch them till the end.

And Sunday…

Pretty much spent it infront of the tv, after chores.
Heh, good way to end the weekend.

That’s it, for my random post…
More during the coming week, i hope… and hoping my present for DD will be here soon 😀