Filler: Lunch Buffet @ Let’s Sweets

Updated (Sept 2011):

Seems like both branches of Let’s Sweet has closed (Bishan J8 & Bugis Junction).



As promised in the previous post, here’s the filler / review for last Sat’s lunch experience.

Let’s Sweets Opening Hours:

– 11.30am to 11.00pm

– location: Bugis Junction

We made it in time to queue (short queue, around 20mins. lunch starts at 12), for the first seating for Saturday.

To finish a buffet in 60mins (for lunch, 80mins for dinner), it did seemed quite a rush.

But we managed to try most items available that day, excluding fondue & some of the desserts.

Photos from last Saturday:

Mousse cakes (5 flavors), Jellies (6 flavors in the photos), Crepes, Cheese / Greentea / Choc cakes & Cream puffs.

Missing from photos:

– Soups (pumpkin soup – my fav)

– Fondue (didn’t try)


Bill came up to a total of S$37.20, after tax.

So it works out to S$18.60 per pax (after tax, lunch), which i find is quite decent. That is,  if you don’t mind having a timer counting down on your table.

Personal thoughts:
I quite like the food served, mains and desserts, esp. the pumpkin soup and curry rice. As for desserts, it would be nice if they can add in parfaits as one of the choices. Service wise, decent and not overly pushy (like lurking around too much).


Oh and if you are thinking of phoning in for a reservation, forget about it.

It’s on first come, first seat basis.

Unless with special invitation, or so indicated on the back of a signage.

A tip to beat the serving queue, go in pairs and get stuff to share at one go.
But do remember, there’s a food wastage ‘fine’, at S$5.00 for 200gm.






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    1. @ joiz:

      heh, maybe if you wanna try, dinner would be better 🙂
      longer and you can go for almost last seating, probably can start queue around 7.30pm to 8 😛

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