Food: Swiss Grill @ Coronation

Last Wednesday was DD’s birthday and it was my treat for him.
And we chose Swiss Grill @ Coronation, since it’s nearer to our workplace and less crowded.

On a Wednesday evening, it really wasn’t that crowded and we were shown to a table quickly.

Loved the ambiance and layout of the butchery/restaurant and ordered quickly, after having time to browse thru the menu online 🙂

Food photos and details as followed:

Sauté Onion / French Onion Soup – soup or not, it was unique and tasty. you can see the onion bits and the taste wasn’t overwhelming and the bread-like pastry, made it filling enough for a light eater.

Field Mushroom Salad – a nice mix of assorted mushrooms and covered with their homemade dressing, crunchy and fresh. for those on diet and love mushrooms (like me~), this would be a excellent choice.

Assorted Mini Sausage Platter – not really those finger food type mini, more like those normal sized sausages. more than sufficient for 2 as a main course and a good starter for 4, or a side dish while chilling with beer and wine.

Angus Sirloin (200g) Medium Rare – i go gaga over good beef… it was done perfectly, yummy and definitely worth the price. it is the best steak (so far) i’ve had, in SG… *drools*

Medium rare and not overly bloody… *drools*

Total spent: around S$85 (for 2)

Their online menu –> HERE

Price is a little steep (around S$36 for the steak) but worth every penny (IMHO) and for its ambiance, it’s great place to have a quiet dinner with your special someone or a good place to chill with friends after a tiring day.

I would definitely go back there again, for their yummy Angus Sirloin… probably not that often but as a treat to myself and DD 🙂


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