Thoughts: First trip with friends

My first overseas trip with friends, to Phuket 🙂
Though short, a 3D2N trip at one of most comfy and convenient hotels (Millenium Patong), truly enjoyed myself more than any trip with parents.

A slight sense of achievement and a “finally done” feeling, learnt to look out for friends and care more for them, go with the flow and embrace everything that comes with it… which is making me look forward to future trips with my dear friends and hopefully dd would join us 🙂

Seafood dinner – done.
Suntanning – done.
Drinking in mid day – done.
Henna / temporary tattoo – done.

Photos will be up later.

4 thoughts on “Thoughts: First trip with friends

  1. just last week Saturday, a friend told me about her travelling in Phuket some weeks ago.
    She went diving and caving. I hope one day I will visit Phuket too

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