Event: Sitex 2010

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Date: 25 November – 28 November 2010
Venue: Singapore Expo Convention and Exhibition Centre (East side of SG)
Halls: 4, 5 ,6
Time: 11am to 9pm

Pamphlet / Price lists: Bootstrike (Updated!!!)


4th and last technology show / event for 2010…
So if you are dying to get some new gadgets, do so now or wait till March 2011.

Definitely going for this one, as both my laptops are showing signs of old age… 🙁

A new desktop or laptop?
HP? Asus?

I’ve no idea yet, anything that would allow fast photo editings and perhaps a little gaming 🙂

11 thoughts on “Event: Sitex 2010

    1. @ wishbone:

      heh noted 🙂
      i’m okay with either brands, as long as no problems.
      my current EEE PC, bad sector… sigh :X

  1. Excuse me but are the prices usually better at Sitex or IT Show?
    I wanna buy a new laptop too, dont know if i should wait till next year…

    1. @ beelp:

      hi, i would say it’s about the same, it really depends on the package / freebies they throw in and if the laptop companies release new models.
      those are the factors that will affect or drop the prices with each tech show (all 4 shows). price differences based on previous shows, is around S$50 – S$300.

      if you urgently need one and is a student, you can probably check out the student offers they have and compare it with the ones your schools provide. sometimes they do take in old laptops and you can get around S$200 rebate for your new one. if you are not in a hurry and not a student, i would say it’ll be based on your budget and needs (for work/design/gaming/etc).

      hope this helps 🙂

      1. wow i dont know that they have student discount at IT shows. Usually how much is it? ^^
        I want an Asus, super light and portable just for school work (no games and rarely movies lol). I’m thinking abt UL20Ft =)
        I’ve heard that you can negotiate the price a bit by not taking the freebies… Anw, still waiting for the pricing at Sitex =) They won’t release it till the actual show day rite?

        1. @ beelp:

          based on the last few times, it’s around 1.2k for a student specs laptop, somewhat with a core 2 and 2gb ram, mid range standard specs.
          as for the UL20Ft, i came across it on bootstrike’s C3 pamphlet (C3 event, till 9pm today), it’s going for around 900+?

          definitely fits your needs 🙂
          i would say, go try out the laptops at best denki or harvey norman first, try the keys and speed of it 🙂

          price wise, you can refer to these links:

          you can pretty much use this pamphlet as the guide for upcoming sitex, should be around the same pricing (at max 30-100 difference).

          as for the most pricelist, you can go to this link -> http://bootstrike.com/itfairsg/sitex2010/
          they do have some flyers up and more will be added within the coming week and thursday (1st day of sitex).

    1. @ beelp:

      no problem, glad to be of help 🙂
      it’s about time i check the prices too, hee…

      hope you get a good deal too 🙂

  2. “Definitely going for this one, as both my laptops are showing signs of old age…”

    Hi, we are having a booth 5c49 at SITEX 2010. you can trade in your old laptops for cash. Use the cash to pay for your brand new toy.

    We also buy back used game consoles, iPhones and Blackberries.

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