Random: Fast Tracking in Excel 2007

For someone who has yet to hands on or work using Microsoft Excel 2007, getting ‘thrown’ into the fast track class, feels like being thrown into the sea and ask me to swim to shore.

Okay, i’m exaggerating, it’s not as bad as i made it sound… since i’ve been using or working with Excel 2003 and only went for the intermediate class last year. Seriously feel lost, not knowing where are the buttons to click on for formulas and what more is added into Excel 2007. It doesn’t help when everything is cramped into a 2day advance cert. course with an evaluation test / assessment (or so they say) at the end of tomorrow…

At least now i know how the header sorting is done… 😛
Yes, i know i’m very slow at realizing it. But better late than never 😛

Well… one thing i’m thankful for, is the nice trainer, going through everything he deemed most important first with us and helping us with solutions for our work needs. But it doesn’t help to know that one of his earlier batches, stayed till 9.30pm to cover all the chapters and test / assessment (end time is usually 6pm)… -__-”

Fast track or not, i’d have to remember as much, just to pass and get it over and done with.
Oh well, wish me luck and clear mind 🙂

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