Thoughts: First Photography Job

I’ve always been fascinated with Dad’s compact cameras and the images they produced, even though back then it was film based and usually take about a week to see if the photos would come out right.

Imagine how I felt, when he decided to grant me my wish earlier this year and help sponsor (with me paying back bit by bit) my first DSLR (Canon 50D), plus the photos from my first trip to RWS.

A dream came true and opened doors to more learning.


And today, I received a payout from an opportunity my friend / colleague offered.
For a beauty product shoot and having it be used partially in a tv commercial.

It felt strange but good.
And as crazy as it sounds, I’ve no prior training on product shoots.

The only stuff I know, are what I read from informative photography magazines with DIY and guides (eg. Digital Photography) and mom’s guidance / help (I had no idea she and Dad were both photography enthu till earlier this year). With some white vanguard sheets, white paper, make-shift boxes, aluminum foils, a tripod and natural light, we made it worked.

– shot raw and processed with DPP

I was extremely glad, it turned out okay, was accepted by the creative team and client… 🙂

Thank you for the opportunity 🙂

Though it wasn’t a big deal, compared to the professional product photographers and creative directors out there do but to me, it was a chance to try something new, continue learning and see if it’ll help open more ‘doors’ / jobs.

Still a learning journey.
One step and photo closer to building portfolio.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts: First Photography Job

    1. @ JH:

      thanks shifu 🙂
      hope to learn more too in the near future, hee…
      still waiting for your photowalks lehhhh 😛

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