Random: Gift of Forgiveness on Christmas

The best gift of all, which is not measurable by the ever so powerful dollar sign, is forgiveness.
A quick search on this topic, during my annoyed mood, led to write this.

A couple of days back, i received an email which seemed mildly insulting to someone who has been a Singaporean, for the entire life, by a person who chose to conveniently skimmed through my blog / posts and ever so quickly decided to target me as a potential policy customer.

To that person, even though i still think you are a blardy clueless toot, I forgive you with no intended sarcasm.

Though I understand your need to build up your clientele and hit quota, it still doesn’t make one feel good or happy enough to deal with you if you skim through posts and just ‘smoke’ your way through, hoping to get a reply or deal.

It just doesn’t work that way nor does it make things better nor easier for your industry.
Hope this help you understand better and Merry Xmas.