Food: Ayam Penyet Gathering

Rinaz was wondering how the gang have yet to date her out to eat ayam penyet, so a last minute gathering was in place at Resto Surabaya.

With Rinaz, Cartcart, her two best friends, Robert, Mintea and Chillycraps… we munched, chatted and had a good time 🙂

Photos as followed (taken with Galaxy S):

Chillycraps & Rinaz

Rinaz’s friend (i’m still bad with names, sorry) and Cartcart

Robert and Mintea

Resto Surabaya, simple and nice food at Lucky Plaza

Ayam Penyet aka smashed fried chicken… *yummy*

Gado Gado… light and peanuty 🙂

Fried fish… didn’t try this, heh.

Oxtail soup… taste wasn’t strong enough but still decent.

Fried prawn… didn’t try this either

Yummy Avocado Juice… :D~

Well i hope they had a good time and perhaps another makan session as soon as they are back, end of this year 🙂

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