Movie Review: Burlesque (2011)

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A country girl with an amazing voice and talent ventured out to the big city, after being cooped up in the small town, in search of fame, fortune and making it big.

But like all stories and plots, if it’s a smooth path, it isn’t much of a story. So she had a tough time finding a job she wants, wandered into a club after spotting a dancer in skimpy outfit…

And the rest of the spoiler…
… can be found on Wikipedia 🙂


Well the storyline is predictable but its the cast, acting, cheography and songs make this movie an amazing one.
The hot, suggestive and provocative numbers and costumes… intense performances that linked so well to the stories, making you feel for the characters… the jokes and teasing, gets the audiences giggling.

I would say it feels like a theatre / musical type movie, a genre i enjoy.
If you enjoy ‘fulfil the dream’, ‘good go wild’ show, it’s definitely worth watching 🙂

Cher and Christina Aguilera did a fantastic job in this movie, the song and dance performance and acting… It’s as though it’s part of them. And not forgetting the other actors / actresses, nicely done 🙂

Rate: 4.5/5 (MUST WATCH!)

Not suitable for anyone under 13 (or even 16), too provocative, imho.
The show is so amazing… can’t wait to watch it again, heh!

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