New: Camera accessories for this month

Okay, I got myself a couple of accessories before my upcoming CNY trip…
A little add-on for accessories…


1) Lowepro Versapack 200 AW

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Definitely a worthy purchase, for its functionality. Lightweight, comes with rain cover and compartment for tripods.

I’ve used it earlier today, for a macro walkabout with my photography friends (with the new macro lens) and vet through, before uploading the photos. It’s on offer at S$98 from Cathay Photos (without freebies).

Thoughts or short review and photos on it, after i get back from my trip.

2) 8GB CF Card

Put this on hold for quite a while and finally got it, as a spare / back up card.

3) 3rd party batteries

Well, my 50D batteries are having some indicator problems, probably from overcharge or its lifespan is almost over. Thus the need for an additional, as a backup.

These 3 items set me back at least 150bucks, not including the big purchase the other day…
So it’ll be less spending for the upcoming months, no BBB poison ๐Ÿ˜›

9 thoughts on “New: Camera accessories for this month

  1. Lucky you! I got mine at $125 at SL-Rev and Cathay was selling at $14x then in Nov. It was previously also $98 but the promo was over. Overall very useful and looks “normal”. Just that the tripod holder isn’t very good. and steady. The base holder is too low and force me to extend the tripod just to reach and because the top is just a cord, the tripod tend to swing. Will be better if there’s a velcro loop somewhere in the middle to hold it.

    1. @ aireth:

      heh, well i was looking at the fastpack 250 and checked with CP for the price, they suggested that i get the versa and told me it’s back on offer, so why not? ๐Ÿ™‚
      yup i agree, the tripod strap up front may not be sufficient, but there’s another one underneath, so not as bad.

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