Random: Threadless Spree

Threadless is having a US$10 spree now…
Till 23rd March 10am CT.

Which gives us about 36hrs (based on time of post)…
Hmm… well i’ll get something if there are interested spree-ers, for the tees designs.

Exchange rate (including bank charges): around 1.30
Shipping cost (per tee estimation): US$2.00 to US$3.50 (seems like they increased shipping cost to counter the low USD rate)

Drop me a post comment if you are interested and comfortable with the spree, with your email address (with the design and item url), by 8pm tonight.

Note: Only for singaporeans, easier to calculate shared shipping cost and do collection meet up. For hoodies and tanks, not taking any.

11 thoughts on “Random: Threadless Spree

    1. @ Genevie:

      noted, please advice sizes and details for spree sent 🙂
      items will be added to order once payment received.

        1. @ naz:

          hi, items noted.
          as for payment details, emailed you 🙂
          please note, i’ll only only place order upon receiving payment.

    1. @ kevin:

      hi, item urls noted.
      email sent on payment details and size details 🙂
      please note, i’ll only only place order upon receiving payment.

  1. Hello is it still too late to order? :(((( If not, will there be other days where u open threadless sprees, even when there’s no discounts? 🙂

    1. @ joanne:

      hi, nope… i’ve sent in the order for this sale period.
      but if you want to get anything for future sales, i could keep you in the loop.

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