Latest: Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc (SG Prices)

Certainly hope it’s no joke but since it’s in the papers, I doubt any company would be that naughty to prank with money involved.

On this morning’s TODAY paper. we spotted the Xperia Arc advert.

It’s going for S$888 without mobile plan, from SE concept shops.
And a quick search on Google and SE fb page, shows that some mobile shops are selling it at a lower price (not sure if it’s export or local set, go ask and then decide), around S$760 – S$800 without mobile plan.

Iposh – S$768

Why Mobile – S$760

Mobile Square – S$760

And others, if you do a Google search… šŸ˜›

So if you are that dying / eager to get one, perhaps you might want to check out these mobile shops.

FB page –> Sony Ericsson Singapore


Still waiting for Starhub CSO to call back and update on the recontract prices

Heh, they called and i confirmed.
Hope to get a no issue and good set šŸ™‚