Photo: Taken with Xperia Arc




Yup, a proud 01day owner of the Xperia Arc..

Loving the speed, clarity and photo quality.. and these are the sample test photos (no post process, default settings). Me newbie user, heh.

Pasta from Hot Tomato, Durian puffs from colleague and pretty candied colored nails 🙂

More on xperia arc functions and probably detailed thought / review.

9 thoughts on “Photo: Taken with Xperia Arc

  1. Hey there what comes in the box ? I heard some countries there is 16 gb micro sd card and HDMI cable included. What are the stuff that comes with it in SG??? Thanks

    1. @ Jerry:

      Just a 8gb micro sd in the phone (+screen protector, below the protective plastic cover), HDMI cable, charger and battery.
      And the guide book, that’s about it.

  2. Thankss for the quick reply :))).Sorry but what do u mean there is a screen protector below the plastic cover? As in it is already on the screen ? Btw did u buy it with a local telco ???.. IM really considering this phone. Would u reccomend it ?
    Thanksss againnn!!!

    1. No problem 🙂

      Yup, preordered from local telco.
      It has a preapplied screen protector just below the usual temporary plastic screen sticker, so you don’t have to get one. Just remove that sticker and you’ll be able to feel the applied protector.

      Price wise, cheaper than most smart phones but not without its limitations.

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