Filler: Mont Blanc and the Leather Mobile Phone Pouch


Redeemed it earlier in the afternoon, a beautiful piece of accessory to keep our phones in..

As it’s not my choice of brand, I’m letting it go for a price and hope it’ll find a more deserving owner. Anyone?

Drop me a message if you are interested, it’ll fit an iPhone or xperia arc.

Sold, to a good and sincere buyer 🙂

Oh… stepping into Mont Blanc duplex flagship showroom was quite an experience.

Intimidating, a little.
Wowed, definitely.
Smiley and friendly staff, yeah!

I walked out feeling happy and less judgemental, not due to the little box I received but the simple, friendly attitude from the staff. I might not have the need to step in there again and the staff might be just doing what they have to (be nice) but it changed my pov.


2 thoughts on “Filler: Mont Blanc and the Leather Mobile Phone Pouch

    1. @ amanda:

      not really, the back doesn’t have the logo.
      no extra mechanics, just simple leather pouch from Mont Blanc.

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