Random: Geylang Dinner & Durians session

Being the only few in the group who has never bought / ate / had durians in Geylang before (my first durian trip ^^), happily went ahead with the idea when colleagues suggested it couple of weeks back.

And since we are heading to Geylang, how can we not have claypot spicy frog legs? =D

Photos as followed:

– we helped ‘butchered‘ finished 10 frogs…

– decent but not fantastic and cost a bomb… $50 (after discount) for a mao shan wang durian.

I’m not sure if we were being bullied by the durian seller but at least the 3 for $20 durians made the experience so much tastier and yummier. For my family, selection will always be done by Dad & Mom (the durian crazy duo), i just eat 😀

That’s it for my extremely summarized Geylang food ‘adventure’ with loads of missing details.
Aside from writing block, i’m hit with the procrastinating bug… =)

12 thoughts on “Random: Geylang Dinner & Durians session

  1. huh? $50 after discounts?? If I’m not mistaken, in Penang there’s this RM30 durian buffet (all you can eat) per person! Maybe you can bring you parents there for vacation + durian feast 😀

    1. @ theeggyolks:

      yeah, kinda feel cheated by that seller but thankfully the fruit was fresh and decent…
      wow, RM30 for durian buffet, now that’s tempting!

      thanks, i’ll ask my two oldbies 🙂
      thanks again and will visit yr site~

  2. yeah, that is pretty expensive for durian…

    here sometimes got too many durian, they sell for RM0.50 per kg.

    1. yeah, well always a first time to being bullied by evil sellers 🙂

      I see, wld love to try those and compare the taste, heh

    1. Have, they knew which one to go but cos we wanted to try ‘cat mountain king’ (mao shan wang) so the price still :-S…
      I just follow, shoot and eat, lol.

    1. good to know they have this delicious yet strong smelling food in Ireland 🙂
      thanks for commenting and visiting my blog.

    1. yeah, surprisingly it didn’t left us heaty or bad sore throats 🙂
      thanks for dropping by and commenting.

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