Thoughts: Branded items purchase


Those who know me, know how casual (or sloppy) I’m usually dressed. It just show my lack of interest, in fashion. Throw on a tee with jeans or pants, and off I go.

But it’s difficult to resist and not get influenced, especially with coworkers and friends sharing their lovely purchases and knowing that it does last a whole lot longer than usual mall brands. And mom had been nagging at me to stop buying stuff that don’t last…


After much research and budget check,Β  I bought these two items from an online US seller ( Decently priced items and friendly seller,Β  made this first time purchase v. enjoyable πŸ™‚

Kate Spade wallet and Coach wristlet. These should last me for a longggg while πŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “Thoughts: Branded items purchase

    1. yes yes, but it does last longer and nice designs…
      it would be good if it had no relation to her, hurhur.

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