Photo: Baby Pheasant?

Was sorting through photos from 2009 KL trip and came across this photo, taken with my old compact cam.
Did my research and it seem 90% like a pheasant (just not sure about the sleeping on one leg, as shown in photo). So… i’m assuming it’s a baby pheasant, till someone dispute and prove otherwise 😛

If you know which species it really is, feel free to comment and correct me.
It would be a good learning experience for me, aka i shouldn’t rely too much on internet search 😛

4 thoughts on “Photo: Baby Pheasant?

    1. yeah, that’s what i thought too 🙂
      but strange to see a bird sleeping on one leg / having one leg… *shrugs*

    1. yeah, didn’t realize i shot this until much later.
      oh, it was at KL Tower (communication tower), they have a small animal farm / zoo there 🙂

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