Event: Sony Ericsson Global Event Launch

By now you should have heard or read in various technology blogs on this event.

Well my apologies for not doing it earlier, guess it’s better late than never 🙂
So here it is:

The media from regional (and probably worldwide) attended Sony Ericsson’s Global Event Launch in Singapore, to welcome… not one, but three new Sony Ericsson phones to their already extensive but amazing range.

They are:
– Sony Ericsson txt (SE OS)
– Sony Ericsson Xperia Active (Android OS)
– Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray (Android OS)

And the ‘Extras’, mobile accessories that would enhance users’ listening and viewing experiences.

Here are some press released photos on the event:

And here are the product shots i took, with my Sony Ericsson Arc (w/o post process):

Sony Ericsson txt – for QWERTY phone lovers, good for emails and texting.
And yes, it does come in girly hot pink for the pink lovers.

Sony Ericsson Active – for sports, rugged outdoor active bunch, dust proof and water resistant.

Lastly, Sony Ericsson Ray.
Packed with similar function of Xperia Arc, it’s just smaller (in terms of size) and slick.


More details, photos and thoughts on the phones  and accessories over the weekend.
Mainly thoughts and photos, since I’m not really a tech focus blogger 🙂

Just need to get work sorted out.

Thanks again to Sony Ericsson Singapore and BM for the invite 🙂