Thoughts: On Sony Ericsson Txt, Xperia Active and Xperia Ray

Had the chance to try out the newly launch phones, Sony Ericsson Txt, Xperia Active and Ray during Sony Ericsson Global event, couple of weeks back.

Since it was a short try-out session, i’ll just share my initial thoughts till/if i get my hands on any review sets.

Oh and do note, these are personal thoughts during test out at event and could seem bias, as I had compare them to my Xperia Arc.
Photos shown, are taken with Xperia Arc, with no tweaking.

1) Sony Ericsson Txt

QWERTY design phone (doh! at self), runs on … erm SE’s own OS?
Honestly, I really have no idea, even after much Google-ing / researching. But the initial navigating, it was smooth and not user-unfriendly. It felt closer to Symbian-like / BB-like OS.

Scratch resistant screen, social media related or oriented apps, expandable memory space and light.

Texting or typing an email, was easy enough… as long as you don’t need to hit the ‘L’. That’s because for people with fat fingers, like me… chances are, you’ll definitely end up hitting the backspace button continuously. But i feel, it will appeal to the younger generation, who has slimmer fingers, loves texting, social media related stuff (eg. Facebook / Twitter) and would enjoy this alternative to Blackberry or Nokia.


– Qwerty
– social media friendly / equipped with ready apps
– light weight

– Not fat fingers friendly 😛


2) Sony Ericsson Active


My favourite phone from the launch 🙂

More for the sporty and klutzy bunch. That’s because it’s water resistant and you can accidentally dunk it in a bowl of water (as shown above) while trying to pick up a call, pick it up and still answer it.  I doubt you’ll be able to answer a call underwater while diving or sorts, but it should work on accidental dunking. It’s dust resistant too but i don’t you would want to place it near dust bunnies or bury it in dust.

Runs on Android, so no issues during the test and does HD video.
Comes with a changeable cover,  for the more elegant look.

Heh, looking forward to a chance to dunk test it, in a glass of water… *evil smirk*

– runs on Android
– water & dust resistant
– changeable back cover

– a little too thick / fat


3) Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray

Well, it’s a petite version of my Xperia Arc (or so i feel).

Why so?
It’s smaller in terms of height but packs almost identical features and functions of the Xperia Arc.

Only feature difference, it has a front VGA camera.
So if you are into video calls and front cam ‘photo whoring’, don’t need the HDMI port and still want the features of Xperia Arc, this is it 😛

Personally, i don’t like the design of Xperia Ray, mainly for the ‘home’ button… (refer to the photo above)
It just feel odd…

And well…
Compared to Xperia Arc, it’s too plain for my liking 😛

– front VGA camera
– more colors to choose from (pink, black, white & gold)

– plain in design


All the phones should be out by Q3 of 2011, as per last update.
For updated news  on these phones, drop by Sony Ericsson’s Facebook page ->


Updates (as of 30th Sept 2011):

– Sony Ericsson Xperia™ active will be available in Singapore from 1st October 2011, in Black with Orange band, at RRP of S$498 without contract.