Event: Dell Access Program Launch

An interesting combination of art, technology, media and community…
Thanks to Dell and XPR, I was invited to Dell’s latest launch event / chill out evening, held at Art Trove.

In an unique venue, surrounded by art pieces…
With live performance from Randolf Arriola, with use of Dell Streak & Android app and artwork by artist, TraseOne, we learnt more about Dell Access.

Presented and shared by Dell’s Executive Director of consumer & SMB division for South Asia and Korea, Mr Chue Chee Wai. He shared with us what Dell Access is about and how it’ll be used to reach out to the community (friends / fans / online etc.).

Dell Access (summarized, in own words):

An exclusive and specially designed program for friends of Dell, to receive first-hand news (eg. upcoming changes, product launch), attend talks and showcases and enjoy exclusive discounts on latest products.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?
It certainly is, for those who love playing with latest gadgets and can’t resist buying them… (grins)

And I’m happy to finally lay my hands / play with some of Dell’s products, e.g. Alienware laptop and Dell Venue… (heh!)

Well, no details as yet for how one could apply to join the Dell Access program.
But we’ll keep you guys in the updated, once details are out and ready.

More announcements and activities to come, in coming months 🙂


Here are a few more photos on the products, babes and event 🙂

Gamers’ dream laptop, Alienware!

Changeable laptop lids for Inspiron R

Booth babe for Inspiron R

Booth babes with Dell Venue and Streak

Dell Venue, 4.1 inch screen and runs on Android OS

Dell XPS

Dell Vostro


Quality photographs courtesy of XPR

And partial, grainy / darker / non-dslr quality photographs, taken with my mobile phone 😛