News: Google+ App is available on Android Market

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Yup, it’s finally available for Android users, on Android Market.
But of course, as always, you need to be a Google+ user or had received an invitation from fellow users / friends.

The file size is around 3MB (or so it reflected on my phone), doesn’t shift to SD and includes an icon for Huddle (that works like a chat box / group chat).
Clean layout, just like the IPhone app, smooth and lag free (so far).

As for the permission, I simply skipped through it =P

Honestly, do you really go through each app and read through every line of it?

Well, i do, sometimes.
But I’ve too many Google apps running on my phone, it just didn’t seem to matter anymore (that is, till i update the next round for latest version).

If anyone would want to hack or misuse your data (in reference to the recent news on companies hacking mobile phones for info), no one can run from it… Well, unless… you throw away all the tech gadgets and be a caveman.

Try it and let me know what you think πŸ™‚

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