Thoughts: A Day in My Future

Often enough, we take our daily routines and tasks for granted, hardly stopping for a moment to wonder why older generations or elderly take more time to finish their tasks. I ever asked my granny (when she was still around), on why would she move around and sit down after 10mins…

She said her knees were giving her problems and she felt tired.

After years of not knowing how it really feels…
What could be better than to put ourselves in their shoes and ‘age’?

With the help of the aging suit, I was supposed to age and probably feel like a 50year old or more. Didn’t feel that strange, since my parents are in that age group.


Now a scenario / task to test it out…

Of all the little and daily tasks, I chose to wrap something which needed to be sent out this week.  I thought it would be easy enough and like always, 10minute would have been sufficient.

But i was sooo… wrong.

It took me a good 5 minutes to get seated, rather difficult to move in that suit and with the sticks preventing movement (to emulate locked joints, limited movements), I had to think of a way to position myself without breaking or getting poked by the sticks.

At one point, it seemed like I was doing push ups instead of trying to sit down and that was really part of the process to sitting down on the ground.

Cutting the paper took a little longer, as I couldn’t see the folded lines from an arm length away (work of the scratched protective glasses, emulating blurred vision) and it kept slipping when I tried holding it with gloves (probably emulating lack of grip).

That took a good 20minutes and another 5, to stick the scotch tape and set it aside.

A simple task like this, has never been this frustrating but was glad to finish it.


It was an interesting experience, experiencing how the older generation feel when movement gets limited and it did made/make me more appreciative, to be young and able. And having my parents be the paparazzi for the evening (shots were taken by them), it added on to the fun and sense of learning 🙂

Sincere thanks to C3A and Oglivy for the chance to play / try out the aging suit 🙂

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Age is but a convenient limitation but the willingness to try, unlocks doors and a fruitful life. –